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Recently I’ve been shooting my car with the headlights up almost exclusively. It’s the defining aesthetic feature of the car so it makes sense to show it off. What good is uneaten bacon? A puddle without a kid to jump in it? Pop up lights hidden?

That’s not to say that it doesn’t look great with the lights retracted…

I have to confess I love to drive with the lights up – even in the middle of the day – almost as much as I love to drop the top! My eyes wander around the streets watching out for the looks of awe and wonder. In reality I know that no one really cares. They probably can’t see me in their jacked up SUV’s anyway.

The only eyes that notice belong to the little humans. If you drive an NA surely you’ve noticed boys and girls of all ages stare at the car with smiles and pointed fingers behind closed windows of SUV’s yelling at their parents excitedly. I suspect half of them think they’ve just spotted Lightning McQueen.

We may have lost pop ups to pedestrian safety standards and fuel efficiency regulations but we still have the MR2s, Truenos, Corvettes and a host of Beetles* of yesteryear along with the handsome smiling face of the NA.


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