MCA Street Performance Coilovers

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With will stronger than the strongest, I ignored the black box with the large MCA lettering sitting under my garage bench for a month. One whole month… The strongest!

The long awaited weekend with some spare time finally came around and with the help of a friend and my two year old we installed the MCA Street Performance coilovers.

We tackled the rear first and managed to get them done without any issues. I suggest you start with the rear as it gives you a bit of confidence and it gets you warmed up for the main event, the fight of the night, the rumble in the wheel arch that’s about to take place at the front end.

There are 3 to 4 different ways to change the front coilovers. We started with the most common and often recommended ‘long bolt method’. Five minutes later we gave up. Every combination of socket I had for the breaker bar was either too short or too long. One combination was so close but as soon as we put any pressure on the bar it would have gouged out the chassis and it just wasn’t worth persisting.

Jason (the experienced assistant) had done his suspension using the ‘lower ball joint’ method so we went with that. On one side locating the thread to reassemble the ball joint gave us a little bit of trouble but it was more fiddly than difficult. In the end it was a straight forward swap with no blood spilt, little in the way of sweat but lots of joyous tears once the car came off the jack stands.

We ran out of time to set the height but I did manage to take the car for a quick spin. Not surprisingly, the brand new coilovers handled extremely well compared to the spent 29 year old shocks. It’s not really fair to compare them but I am impressed with the stock-like performance of the MCA’s and I’m looking forward to testing their capability after a wheel alignment.

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