Magnaflow Exhaust

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Now that the car is completely stock, let’s modify it! Just a little bit. 😉

My other car project is all about OEM spec so I really want to have a bit of fun with the MX5. This does not mean I’m going to modify it with the zest of a teenager. All mods will be bolt on by nature and nothing that damages, cuts, rolls or drills any of the original parts. I do intend to bring it back to completely stock one day.

For now I will refresh some key tired items that need to be replaced over time anyway. I’ve started with the exhaust opting for a 2.25″ Magnaflow cat, resonator and muffler. I was sceptical about the size thinking it’s a little too large of a diameter for a stock 1.6L engine but I was reassured by several sources that it would be fine. My butt dyno tells me that I’ve lost a touch of bottom end but the more I drive it the more I suspect it was just my expectation more than any real loss in power. Either that or I’ve already adjusted to the slight decrease.

What has increased though is the fun factor. The exhaust combo was a gamble and it paid off big time. Below 3,000 rpm you can’t tell it has been modified but stomp on the go-pedal and she sings a deep note that insists to be heard again and again. And again.

For reference I used Magnaflow parts:

  • Cat 53005
  • Resonator 18125
  • Muffler 12225

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