Jason Gatt’s NA6

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Jason and I have been trying to do a photo shoot for a few months now. With my busy family life it seemed like it would never happen but as soon as he got some new wheels I ran out of excuses and made the time to shoot this impeccable NA6.

If you ask Jason what condition it’s in, he would say it’s OK, maybe a little rough. That should be your first clue that the standard he sets for himself is not just a tiny bit OCD; it’s medically certified.

Wearing week old Enkei RPF1’s in 15×7, it is a stunning example of the very first NA6’s to grace our shores in Australia. It has been meticulously restored in 2016/17 and is a shining example of what the MX5 looked and felt like when it first rolled off the showroom floor in 1989.

In fact, Jason was there there for the local launch attending the Australian International Motor Show in 1989 where he fell in love with the car and even had a dealer price a red NA for AU$32,350… without a hardtop.

It only took him 27 years to turn the key and drop the top on his very own red NA6 but he’s making up the lost time with enthusiasm.

The engine bay is cleaner than the examples from the Motor Show in 1989 and that’s an impressive feat when you consider the MX5 has just enjoyed its 30th anniversary. Here’s to 30 more!

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