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My wife keeps telling me I’ve just gone through my mid life crisis. She fell pregnant with out first child in 2015 and coinciding with her pregnancy I went berserk buying and selling motorbikes. I had never ridden one up till then. In the following 18 months I went through 5 bikes and 1 project bike. None of them currently reside in my garage. I feel like I eventually come out of a drug fueled crazy weekend and the first rays of light hit my red eyeballs… what have I done!? I’m a car guy you see. What and how and why I was distracted with motorbikes I can not tell you. Maybe my wife is right and I just had a crisis.

I’ve been into and around cars since I can recall. I’ve owned my fair share and appreciate the broad spectrum available. Not surprisingly, as I get older I’m starting to be drawn towards the nostalgia segment.

I have previously owned 2 MX5 SE’s – both sold in moments of weakness – which were a blast. To avoid repeating history I had to go further back in history – right to where it all started with this early build Sep 1989 NA6. It’s chassis #269 with matching engine numbers. I’m ever hopeful this one is a keeper that will stay with me for a very long time.

I’m a sucker for classic stock cars. This wasn’t always the case – I’ve had my fair share of slightly to highly modified ones. Lately though I’ve come to appreciate the nostalgia of old cars. I don’t need them to be fast anymore. I get my kicks from working on them, solving little problems, marveling at the engineering even in the smallest of components, restoring where I can, replacing as little as possible and growing in experience.

I am working on restoring another car to strict OEM specs so I’ve decided to let whatever-is-left-of-my-hair down with the NA6. This means I can have a bit of fun with the suspension and wheels, maybe intake and exhaust but nothing irreversible. I would still like to be able to bring the car back to original spec with the turn of a few spanners and screwdrivers.

I bought this car because it was very close to original spec and with a change of wheels and airbox it’s pretty much as it was sold. I am the third owner and it appears to have been lovingly cared for and used for its 128,000 km’s. It’s by no means perfect with many small dings in the body but it’s evident care has been taken to protect and preserve it as much as possible while enjoying it. Perfect for my needs as this will be the car I drive and enjoy while I complete my other one.

As silly as it may sound, I all but purchased this car over the phone prior to seeing it. I caught a flight down to Melbourne on a Saturday morning and drove home that day. I had been searching for some months and this just seemed like the car.

Follow me on this journey with the top down and headlights up.